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Rain Rain Don’t Go Away

Posted: November 22, 2011 by Roberts in P90X, Running Log, Workouts
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Distance:  6.3 Miles
Pace:  10’20”

Sunday was to have been my make up day.  It wasn’t.  I needed to complete 10 miles and an hour and a half of Yoga X.   All through that day I was sore, and my start time kept being pushed back.  Eventually it got to a point where I could not safely run the route since it would get too dark and there are no street lights. I decided to allow my body the time to heal and avoid being hit by a car.  I also figured Yoga should help stretch the muscles and help the recovery process.

I had not had a break from running for weeks. I needed it.  The yoga was still no break but it felt great in a weird, exhausting kind of way.  Of course this blog is not about the miles I didn’t log, but the ones I did.

Fast forwarding to Tuesday.  I had a six mile run scheduled.  The perfect excuse not to run was there – a cold downpour. I could easily have said, “it isn’t safe” or “I don’t want to get sick before Thanksgiving.”  But I had already run in a sleet storm, so rain couldn’t stop me.  It wasn’t cold enough to use my waterproof jacket, just the resistant jacket. Enough stalling, it was time to hit the road.  During my run I found that the harder the rain came down, the faster I ran.  This is what I ran for, the insanity of it all.  Dancing between the rain drops, avoiding the lake-like puddles, and leaping over the waterfall driveways was the world I wanted to explore over and over.

When the rains slowed down, the wind picked up.  The cold drained my muscles and sapped my strength.  My pace suffered, and in crept doubts. I found myself wishing for the bad weather to intensify.  The rains came and went, and came back again. By the time I got home, I was soaked from head to toe.

Why do I enjoy the insane conditions more than a relaxing fall run?  It is a litmus test of my own sanity.

Next Run: 3 Miles
Next Workout:  P90X (Disc 09 & Disc 12) (Saturday)
Next Race: Burlington Race for the Hungry 5K



Knees of Fire!

Posted: November 20, 2011 by Roberts in Running Log
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Distance: 7.07 Miles

Now the winter running has begun.  The temperature has dropped below thirty-five degrees.  The jacket has been tested, the podcast is loaded, and the watch is charged, it is time for a run.  What more can you want?  Sleep.  The week had been long and exhausting.  My muscles were cold, and no matter what stretches I did, they would not warm up.  Something was not right for the day, and for my body.

The watch synchronized with the satellites at an amazing speed.  The wind whipping at my face left it cold and frigid.  I watched the sunset’s last rays peek through the trees and it was now time to run.  This is a “Rest Week,” and the level of difficulty is harder than the first week.  Why even call it a rest week?  It should be called, “Slightly less hard week.”  Or it could be called, “Humiliation week, humiliating since we tell you it is a rest week and make you feel pathetic for hurting during it.”  I guess those titles are all too long.  The title of “Rest Week” will suffice, and only make you feel bad when you discover the truth of it.  My body has not had time to recover at all.  I have caught myself asking, “How can a muscle be sore when I didn’t even know it existed?” or “How can I be sore there?”  I need to keep pushing, forget the pain…It is just taking so long.  When will the time come that a ten-mile run is nothing?  Not soon enough.  Some days you just want to hit fast forward.

About two miles in, my foot falls got sloppy.  I started having too many heel strikes, the bounce was out of my step, and I wasn’t getting warm enough to fight off the cold.  By mile three, my knees were on fire.  It was a pain I had not felt since my early days.  The run was only seven miles,  and the last four were a trial.  They tested my will to finished this experiment in health.  During the last part of the run, my thoughts centered on questioning every step I took.  Eventually I could no longer hear the podcast, only my doubts.  Finally, I made it home.  The pace was terrible.  The run was terrible.

I have had too many of these runs in a row now.  I have a ten-mile run planned for Sunday.  I am dreading it.  Why?  I have done them before.  Let’s hope the Kenpo tomorrow doesn’t make me too sore.

My first race is on December 3rd.  It is coming up in just a couple of weeks.  Meanwhile, Thanksgiving, the Day of Gluttony, sits smack dab between them.  Why do I do this to myself?  Enough of that kind of talk.  I have come so far from where I started. 

Next Run: 10 Miles (Sunday)
Next Workout:  P90X (Disc 06) (Saturday)
Next Race: Burlington Race for the Hungry 5K


Never Disappoint Yourself

Posted: November 17, 2011 by Roberts in P90X, Running Log, Workouts
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Distance: 3.2 Miles

Yes, I skipped a day again.  I went out of town and I could not squeeze in the two hours needed for the workout with all the meetings.  I made it up the next day, but now another session is pushed back.  Everything is now pushed back by a day and will be settled out by Sunday.  Unless I push hard and log in 17 miles over two days. I could have skipped the day entirely.  And who would know?  Me, that’s who.  Never disappoint yourself. You should be your hardest critic. Often enough, we aren’t. In my line of work I have seen so many talented people waste their abilities on excuses. They hide from me behind claims that “I’m sick,” “It’s too hard,” or “Times have changed.” None of it is true. At some point, everyone needs to look at themselves and say “Is this me? Is this how I want people to think of me?” Our actions speak to our character.

Running a 5k was nice.  I stayed below a 10’00” pace easily.  Since I had a day gap from the last run and no need to last six plus miles, there was no need to pace myself.  I just enjoyed it. I found a rhythm and added some bounce in my step for fun. Landmarks became finish lines for sprints and beats in the music became excuses to shadow box. It was just plain fun. With the air was crisp and mood good, it was perfect for an evening run.

During my business trip I found time to talk to the guy that got me using Nike Plus in the first place, Mike S.  About a year ago I had just gotten into running.  I was spending my time on a treadmill and looked at running as exercise or even a necessary evil, not a passtime.  Mike told me about Nike Plus and how he was using it. At that point I was game for anything to make the running seem marginally better.

At that time Nike Plus was only a plug-in device for your iPod.  It tracked your information and was downloadable through iTunes.  The fact that it was cheap helped too.  I am a data freak and once I got into it, there was no turning back.  Tracking my pace and distance became almost a borderline obsession.  Then Nike added the heart rate monitor! Eventually I switched to the Nike Plus GPS watch. The rest is history (or at least when it comes to data).

I have to thank Mike, because without Nike Plus my running career may never have gotten started.  If you want to see my thoughts on the watch, check out my review. So thanks, Mike.

I ended my run with Yoga X from P90X.  It is ninety minutes of yoga.  I have always thought of yoga as merely advanced stretching.  I freely admit now, I was wrong – very, very wrong. It is much more than weird poses and stretching.  There are many stances I could barely hold, or not hold at all.  Once the twelve weeks are over, I hope to have the talent to complete this session perfectly.  If so, I will be in amazing shape.

Next Run: 7 Miles (Friday)
Next Workout:  P90X (Disc 06) (Saturday)
Next Race: Burlington Race for the Hungry 5K