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I am now three days into my marathon training.  To transition back into running since my sprain, I have exclusively used the treadmill.  About two years ago, I bought a Livestrong 9.9T  treadmill.  As with all machines, it has various programs ranging in levels of difficulty.  My plan is incorporate it into my training beyond just an introduction in order to force me to push my ability further than what I could accomplish on my own.   This first week I mixed up the programs just to get a feel for them and for where they may end up in my schedule.

Day 1: 3.27 Miles (Weight Loss – Level 5)

Day 2: 4.45 Miles (Interval Training – Level 7)

Day 3: 3.19 Miles (Rolling Hills – Level 5)

It’s time to break down each of the sessions.

Weight Loss Program – The Weight Loss program was easy.  It reminded me of simple jog around the neighborhood, just a mild workout.  The speed steadily increased to two miles per hour, than it slowed back down.  While speeding up, the incline decreased by one percent.  I need it to push me harder.  Time to level up! 

Interval Training Program – I really enjoyed the Interval Training program.  For 90 seconds, the pace was a mild jog.  If I had tried, I could have speed walked rather than jogged.  After 90 seconds, BOOM!  The pace doubled.  It was just near the top of my ability.  Next time I will run at level 8.  If I can get myself to level 10, my long runs can only get faster.  The only question is, can my legs go that fast?

Rolling Hills Program – I don’t get why it is called “Rolling Hills.”  The incline never changed.  It was merely the Weight Loss Program with the incline always staying at 0%.  If the Weight Loss Program was easy, this was a joke. 

I think I am now ready to get back out on the road.  My plan is to use the Interval Training once a week.  Slowly it will build my speed up, or at least it should.  One thing stood out to me this week, running feels great.  After each of the sessions I was pumped.  Why does running do that?  I don’t get the same feeling from the elliptical, P90X, or any other exercise.  When speaking with other runners, the debate of treadmill or outdoor running always comes up.  My question today is, which do you prefer?



The 250 lb barrier

Posted: October 24, 2011 by Roberts in Weigh Ins
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New Weight: 250 lbs
Difference: 0.8 lbs

You have got to be kidding!  I went down less than a pound.  250 seems to be a barrier I can’t just break.  Now, this past week was full of short runs and I didn’t stay on top of my diet.  Gee, do you think that could that be the reason?

Ok, I have 20 miles scheduled for this week. That should break me through the 250 barrier.  I am only 15 from my first major weight milestone.  Once there I can figure out the next goal.