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Asics Storm Shelter Jacket

MSRP: $110

First the facts.  This jacket is designed and sold as a waterproof and windproof piece of appeal.  This is accomplished through several design features.  All seams of the jacket are sealed to make it waterproof and not resistant.  In addition the shell is made of a light polyester to cut the chill of the wind.  There is even a zip tie around the base of the jacket to snug its fit around your waist to prevent water and rain from coming in under the jacket.  To reduce overheating, the inside of the jacket has a mesh layer to pull moisture away from your body in this semi-fitted jacket.  If the rain stops or slows, there are zippers under the arms, which, once opened, will allow more venting of body heat.  Finally, inside the left side is a pocket to hold items such as a music players, identification, or your house key.   The pocket also has a small hole to allow a head phone cord into the waterproof pocket.

How about the field test?  By using this jacket during a sleet storm, the effectiveness of this jacket was definitely put to the test.  The temperature at the time was 35 degrees during the storm.  The jacket did a great job of keeping the rain and wind out.  The barrier is so strong, the only temperature I felt was what I was generating.  This can be good and bad.  It is great in a sense that the temperature outside does not affect you whatsoever.  The bad is that if you generate a large amount of heat, the jacket will retain it.  This jacket is obviously designed to be used well below 40 degrees, and most likely 35 or lower.

During my field test, the sleet and freezing rain was thrown around by a 22 MPH wind.  After over an hour in the constant sleet, the only moisture under the shell was coming from me.  That being said, the moisture in the jacket did not sit on my skin, but was pulled into the mesh layer under the shell.  If it wasn’t for the weight of the jacket itself, the level of moisture wouldn’t have felt any different than a normal running shirt.

The last design feature is the internal pocket to store a music player, identification card or house key.  The internal pocket does a great job keeping its contents dry. A tip when using this jacket, or any jacket where your music player is inaccessible, make sure your playlist is long enough.

The jacket does a great job pulling the moisture off your body and retaining heat.  If you find yourself running hot, I  recommend  this jacket for temperatures below 35 degrees.  And if you find yourself with the desire to run in a snow or sleet storm, the jacket comes highly recommended by this runner.  You can pick it up at or your local retailer.