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Sunday…my return to the great outdoors…at least to run.  Or at least that was the plan.  In order for me to leave the house for a run my wife needs to be home to watch the kids.  They are a little too small to leave behind while I travel the sidewalks of the neighborhood.  So instead I hit the treadmill again.  The scheduled run was 8 miles.  After the successful sessions with the treadmill, I decided to increase the difficulty and do the scheduled 8 miles.  Not the best move on my part.

After two miles, I had trouble keeping up.  If I only had a couple miles to go, I would like to think I could have pushed through it.  Self-delusion is strength of mine, it seems.  Mission aborted.  So my excuses were: I am tired…I aimed too high for my first long run…etc. 

That evening I decided make another attempt for an 8 mile run.  This time outside, and this time at my pace, not the infernal torture device that is my treadmill.  It was my first outdoor run since the sprain.  I checked the temperature, 32 degrees.  Perfect.  I geared up; running pants, jacket, gloves, hat, GPS watch, and IPod.  It is going to be a great run. 

It started slowed, but I moved my way through the neighborhood.  OK, I can’t expect to be right back to top performance after eight weeks off.  At mile two, I cramped up.  This isn’t the first time this has happened.  Last time, I pushed through it for a mile until it subsided.  Well, that was then, this is now.  By mile four I was done, and couldn’t push any further.  Time to go home.

By the next day my ankle felt as bad the week after I sprained it.  It seems the concrete is harder on my ankle than the treadmill.  Go figure.  Am I doomed to the life of a treadmill?  The treadmill means no interesting encounters.  If I stay inside I won’t see turkeys, storms, a live sitcom,or porn.   I pushed myself too hard too soon.  It seems that 8 miles on the hard concrete was too ambitious. 

Now I need to hold off on the training for a week.  I need to let the ankle recoup.  I plan to change my training from a marathon to maybe a half, or 10k.  It will limit my miles, and slowly build back up.  I wanted too much.  Foiled by the sprain again!

Next Run: Who knows?
Next Race: Kelly St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock 5K