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A Couple Post Workout / Run Smoothie Recipes

Posted: November 7, 2011 by Roberts in Recipes
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Smoothie Madness!
Image by ontheflyrecipes via Flickr

After a great workout or run you need to recharge and reward yourself.  A great way to do both is the Post-Workout Smoothie.

Customizable Fruit Smoothie

Single Serving of Low Fat Greek Yogurt (w/fruit or honey)
6-7 – Ice Cubes
1 Cup – Trop 50 Juice (Orange, Pineapple Mango, or Apple)
1 Scoop (31 grams) – Whey Powder (Vanilla, or Fruit Flavored)
1 – Banana


Make sure the flavors of fruit you choose blend well together (tropical with tropical, berries with berries, etc).  Blend away!

Protein Frappuccino

1 Cup – Vanilla Almond, Vanilla Soy Milk, or Vanilla Hemp Milk
1 Scoop (31 grams) – Whey Powder (Coffee, Chocolate, or Chocolate Caramel Flavored)
1/2 Cup – High Quality Coffee Ice Cream (You deserve it)


Blend in a mixer.  It’s a smoothie!