Week 3…

Posted: January 5, 2016 by Roberts in General Post, Workouts

Week 3

This last week of the year has been uneventful in the sense of running. I was still nursing the sprain. So how does one stay fit while unable to put weight on your ankle? Ok, no weight might be an exaggeration. Minimal weight. All braced up and nowhere to go, what am I supposed to do? There have been many exercises I have been neglecting over the past year. Strength training, stretching, core work… I find them so tedious. They are necessary, but their contributions are not instantly recognizable. How to make things interesting? Gamification!

What a great word, gamification. To make the mundane into a game. How to do that? All good games involve a level of chance, variety, and every increasing difficulty. What to do? I went to the local office supply store and picked up printable business cards. On each card I put an exercise, reps, and weight. The plan is as I complete the workout, I know if I should increase the reps or the weight each time. So how is the game played?

Each morning I roll a six-sided die, and add four to the result. That number is the number of cards I draw. That’s my workout routine. Just get it done. Combined they might be focused in one area, spread out, who knows. It’s all random. After each routine, I mark down right there before I can think straight, should I raise the weight or reps next time.



Reps Weight


The exercises I have so far are:

Calf Raise Squats Step Back Lunges Dead Lift Squats Calf Raises Superman
Hammer Curls Seated Bicycles Jump Squats Alternating Reverse Lunges Crossover Lunge
Running High Knees w/ Weight Butt Kickers w/ Weight Lateral Step Romanian Dead Lift Alternating Split Squat Jumps Dumbbell Front Squats
Lateral Lunges Crossover Deadlift Tuck Jumps Burpees Push Ups w/ Yoga Ball
Push Ups Sit Ups Sit Ups w/ Yoga Ball Planks Lower Body Russian Twist
Shoulder Shrugs Curls Throw the Bomb Scissors Mason Twist w/ Medicine Ball


The first week has been great. Next week, I’ll be adding 5 to the roll.

Hitting a step goal without running was very challenging. I have an office job, so my natural step count is very low. Add the sprain, and something that is normally difficult, becomes amazingly difficult. The solution was taking it real slow and walking on the treadmill while watching TV. Real slow, like 20+ minute pace per mile. I would like to report that I successfully did it.

So what’s next? 14k starting on Monday. I should be back on the streets by midweek, if not, 14k is going to be a challenge.

I want to keep increasing the variety of exercises over time to keep it interesting.

My question for you all is, are there any other exercises I should add to my deck? Take away?


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