2015 Obstacles Continue…

Posted: December 29, 2015 by Roberts in Uncategorized

Be good,
Learn something new,
And be awesome!

After the Vegas Race Weekend, I would love to say I took it easy on myself, but that just isn’t the case. After proving that with careful planning and testing I could push through even a sprain, I decided to complete my 2014 race schedule. Which I did. I played it safe for the last three races of the year – a 5k, a 5 miler and a half marathon. After the last race, I was finally able to see my doctor to have her look at the ankle.

During our appointment she asked me the basic questions. She tested it out, rotated it, poked it, and suggested I get an X-Ray. She asked me how it happened, and how I treated it afterwards. Before the Vegas race I was taking pictures of it daily to compare to see how the swelling and bruising changed. Still in my phone, I was able to share them with her. Looking back at Facebook from November of 2014, the highlights of that conversation were:

Doctor: “I have never seen an ankle bruise that way.”


Doctor: “How did you possibly get the swelling down so fast?”


Doctor: “You ran a marathon on that foot? How?”


Doctor: “Since you are an extreme athlete, I am going to refer you to a specialist.”

All I heard was Extreme Athlete.

After hearing this, one of my running groups dubbed me The Extreme Athlete, ironically.

The ankle had healed and survived five total races since the initial sprain, so she advised me to take it easy. At no point did she say stop running. Or if she did, I didn’t hear it. To be cautious. I would take it nice and easy. Invincible, I decided to take my visiting brother-in-law out for a trail run the day after Christmas.

Apparently, I’m not invincible.

While going along, he wanted to take pictures of the area, and I was focused on logging a couple miles. I explained, I would go up head, and turn back at some point. Being only the day after Christmas, the trail was rather empty. 3 miles in, I stepped on a slick patch of leaves, and the not fully healed ankle gave out. Collapsing into the mud, I knew I had done some damage to my ankle. Conveniently I had already had an appointment the following week with the specialist.

Entering the obviously expensive facility of the ankle specialist, with its hardwood floors and large flat screen TVs, I was kind of curious what he could tell me I didn’t already know. I could hear it now, “What are you, stupid?”

During the appointment, the story was retold with a combination of pride and shame. Not quite sure which would play better, the tale tested the limits of both. His blank disapproving stare reminded me of the look of the referring doctor. Giving the same non-verbal communication, I wondered why they couldn’t share in the excitement of the story. Maybe they discussed it in advance and decided to give a unified front. Referring back to Facebook in December, the highlights from that conversation were:

Doctor: “From the sound of it, the of it, the first sprain may have been a level 2 injury. When did you run on it after that?”
Me: “I ran a marathon that Sunday.”
Doctor: “Of course you did.”


Doctor: “It is a level 1 sprain, but given the reoccurrence on the same ankle, I am going to put you in a boot”
Me: (Questioning stare)
Doctor: “No, you cannot run in the boot.”


Doctor: “Normally I would tell someone to wear it for 6 weeks, you’re stocky and I think we can have this off in 2 weeks…please no long runs…please.”
Me: “What about short runs without the boot”
Doctor: “You can walk on the treadmill the first week 30 minutes at a time once a day. Then you can do short runs.”
Me: “How short?”
Doctor: “Short.”
Me: (Questioning stare)
Doctor: “Short.”


Doctor: “You don’t have to wear the boot all the time, just your normal walking about. Couch to fridge you don’t need it.”

Short runs were permitted. Good to know. Short is a relative term. Now that I would be benched for some time, several races had to be taken off the tour. The first race of 2015 would now be the end of March. Waddling out in my new boot, I knew I would have to let it heal and to take the entire year easy to make sure I stayed injury free for the rest of 2015.

What was you worse running relate injury?




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