Ten Days After the Sprained Ankle…

Posted: December 8, 2011 by Roberts in Workouts
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Over the past couple days, I feel like I’ve been seeing runners everywhere as I drive home…not just once in a while, but EVERYWHERE!  It doesn’t matter if it is a cool day, or rainy, they’re out there.  As I drove through a downpour, three separate runners crossed the street in front of my car.  They keep finding me, and I want to join them!  If I had been on the road that day, I would have been soaked to the bone in a matter of minutes.  Strangely this appeals to me.  My wife thinks I am crazy.

After ten days of a sprained ankle, all I seem to have is jealousy and anger.  I am jealous of the other runners and angry at myself for allowing myself to get injured.  It was dumb, only a mile and half from home, and I stepped in a pot hole.  Next time, and yes there will be a next time, I will try to run earlier in the day or find a new path.  That road is riddled with pot holes, and I know it.  Since I have been road free for so long, I am feeling a little depressed.  It is hard to control my diet, I am gaining weight, I’m jealous of other runners and angry at small, pointless things.  No, I don’t need therapy.  I need to go for a run.

Today my ankle was bruise-free and no longer swollen (or at least not noticeably swollen).  It is trying to lull me into a false sense of security.  My biggest fear is hitting the road before I have healed and ruining my ability to run forever.  Since I stepped in that pot hole, many people seem to enjoy recounting stories of friends of friends who didn’t allow their ankles to heal, and now they can no longer run.  I need to run.  I NEED TO RUN!  I sound like a drug addict.

Writing the alphabet with my big toe twice a day is not enough exercise.  Not even close.  After reviewing my list of approved exercises, I decided upon the elliptical.  It is tried and true.  It gives a decent calorie burn; I just didn’t want to stress my ankle too much.

After forty-five minutes on the elliptical, I can now say it is good to at least be moving more than a slow limp down the hall.  The fifteen minutes of icing the foot was glorious.  My plan is to keep doing the elliptical until I can run again.  Once I can do that, I am restarting my twelve week program, P90X included.

Update: The next morning my ankle gave me a message written in pain, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU???”  Ok, forty-five minutes may have been too long on the elliptical.

  1. 😦 sprains are the WORST! but just continue to get plenty of RICE and you’ll be back at it before you know it. i know what its like to see other runners out and about…looking so happy and carefree, and you just want to join in. you’ll be there soon enough though. soon enough 🙂

    • Roberts says:

      Thanks for the encouragement. The sprain is slowly getting better. The swelling is almost gone, and soon I will be back on the road. Thanks again and keep on running!

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