A Tired Run

Posted: November 3, 2011 by Roberts in Running Log
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Distance: 6.14 Miles

Why do I find myself still dreading these six miles runs? Five or less – no problem. Ten to thirteen? Exciting, let’s see what we’re made of! Six? Hold up there, I’m not so sure. Why? I think it comes down to two things.

This is my third run in a row for the week. With my long work hours, I am just plain tired. You can see by my pace, I was slower, about a minute per mile slower. What am I going to do when this run is eight? By then I’ll stronger and able to handle more miles while tired.  Maybe that is the point of the third run, to extend my ability to run while exhausted.

Also, my longer runs are a different loop. By the third run of the week I have passed by the same houses three times. I can now tell you which house has one less car in the driveway or who is having visitors. It is getting boring. So what do I do, grin and bear it? Or find another route? Given the time of day, or rather night, and the few roads with sidewalks or street lights in our area, I am hurting for choices. The long runs take me to a neighborhood I visit only once a week. It winds and turns with rolling hills. And it has no street lights.  Though I have a need for a change of scenery, it’s not worth getting hit by a car that can’t see me.

How do you keep yourself motivated to deal with the monotony of the long run?  I have tried music and podcasts.  I hear books on tape work just as well.  I have started noticing that my pace slows with a podcast, and faster with music.  My worry is listening to music for two hours and being trapped in my own thoughts.  My mind, at times, is a scary place.  How do people run with nothing?  Maybe I need to find a local running partner.  Any takers out there?

I have brought on an editor for the site to help out, since my grammar is terrible. I also have some potential guest writers as well, to help expand the scope of the site. That way it is not just a log of my runs and fitness.  If you have any suggestions please leave a comment or email me at rebuildingroberts@gmail.comm

Next Run: 9 Miles (Saturday)
Next Workout:  P90X (Disc 09 & 12) (Sunday)
Next Race: Burlington Race for the Hungry 5K

Suggestions? rebuildingroberts@gmail.com


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