Janelle Monae, a Run, and P90X

Posted: November 2, 2011 by Roberts in P90X, Running Log, Workouts
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Distance: 2.05Miles
Workout: Chest & Back – Disc 01  / Ab Ripper X – Disc 12

The twelve week training program I am doing has me do a short run every week. They are great. I can knock out a great pace and not worry about running out of steam. Two miles is nothing now. It almost seems a shame to lace up and only do two miles. In these two miles I saw more people out then on my last run. Maybe it was the time of day or the weather getting a little nicer. I passed through a small crowd a teenagers who gave the stick eye. They seemed to be in a heavy discussion.  Then again, every discussion teenagers have seems to be overly important.  I didn’t hear them with the song “Faster” pushing me along. When I passed the recreation fields, it looked like a hockey game was just ending. I had to steer around and hurdle a couple loose duffel bags. How hard is it to put them off to the side?

At one point I started closing in on another runner. Another runner? People in my neighborhood run?  I decided to see I could close the gap between us before I reached my turn. Well, he turned before I caught up, and I enjoyed the rush. I can’t wait for my first race.

During this run I listened to Janelle Monae and her album The ArchAndroid .  The tempo of the album is ideal for keeping a great pace.  There is only one or two songs that lose the beat.  I need to find the next album for these shorter runs.

If you have been reading this regularly, you know that on these short days I add the P90X routines. This is week two for me. After the second round of Chest and Back, I will up my resistance bands and reps. Progress is a good thing. Oh, and I still hate push ups. I complain during every set of them, just ask my wife and dogs. I curse through every rep. The burn is there and it won’t stop.

So I have come to terms that I am addicted to lacing up the shoes and hitting the road.

Next Run: 9 Miles (Saturday)
Next Workout:  P90X (Disc 08) (Friday)
Next Race: Burlington Race for the Hungry 5K

Suggestions? rebuildingroberts@gmail.com

  1. Roberts says:

    Let’s see what happens. The hard part is keeping it up.

  2. Chris Olsen says:

    keep up the good work. In two months I will not recognize you.

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