Another Evening with the Road

Posted: November 1, 2011 by Roberts in Running Log
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Distance: 5.04 Miles

Now that five miles has become my short run, the need to distract myself from the run with a podcast has melted away.  I put on the soundtrack for the game called Mirror’s Edge.  I have never played the game; from the trailers and reviews I know that it is based on the idea of free running.  The soundtrack was designed around the same idea.  After the second song, the beats per minute pick up, and so did my pace.  During the run I tried to seperate myself from the world before and after my run.

I spent the time thinking about this site and the purpose of these posts.  Is it merely a way to record my thoughts after each run?  Is it a need to fill some narcissistic desire?  Do people read this and get something out of it?  Do I want to discuss the humorous things I see on a run?  I don’t know if I have all the answers, but they are out there somewhere.

Before I started running, I was not living a healthly life.  I could not imagine running a mile, let alone a half marathon.  In high school during gym class, I was one of the guys who walked the mile after the first lap.  I looked at marathon runners and thought they were nuts.  As time has gone by, I have learned running is desire, training, and determination  all wrapped up together.  Those three things define how far you can go.  You determine what you are capable of becoming.  Two years ago I didn’t see the need, or rather the desire, for this.

So how can others get something out of this site?  If this site helps someone just getting into running, or find inspiration for thier own journey to health, all the work is worth it.  So how can I achieve that?  What I have done is opened my ears and eyes.  I have spoken with a few people who read the site and recieved a couple suggestions.  I have heard you, and I am going to start fleshing the site out in those directions.  I have heard multiple people asking for more Gear Reviews, and topics in addition to my running log.  I won’t let up on the logs since that is where is started.  I will see what I can do to get other topics as well.  If you have any suggestions, please comment here or write to me at  Good luck out on the road, and keep on moving.

Next Run: 2 Miles (Wednesday)
Next Workout:  P90X (Disc 01 & Disc 12) (Wednesday)
Next Race: Burlington Race for the Hungry 5K



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