First P90X only day….this is not a ’70s workout video

Posted: October 31, 2011 by Roberts in P90X, Workouts
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Workout: P90X (Disc 3 & Disc 12)

This has been my first day with only a P90X workout.  A workout day without a run just seems wrong, even just a 2 mile run.  None , nothing, zero, zilch.  So lets spend the time digging into the workout session.

Disc 3 is the Shoulders & Arms program.  The routine cycles around a series of presses, curls, kick backs and every variation in between.  Since this was my first time doing this routine, I decided to learn from the lessons of the first session.  Use lower weights, and don’t burn yourself out too fast.  That way next time through I can set realistic goals, and not just guess.  After going through the routine I will be increasing my weight on several of the exercises.  I found that to be a better way to go than getting wiped out half way through the session.  As Tony Horton says in the video, “this is not a ’70s workout video.”  Pacing is important.  You need to be burned out by the end of the set, not during the entire set.

Disc 12 is the Ab Ripper X program.  This is a disc that comes up at least twice a week.  With the all the other routines so far, you can adjust the weights, or count to allow to adjust to your skill level.  With Ab Ripper X, that’s not going to happen.  It has a twenty-five count on each exercise.  And each exercise will show you just how pathetic your ab strength is.  I thought my core was getting strong from all the running.  Wrong!  This session will shame you, or at least it did me.  Several of the exercises I could not complete with perfect form, not from the lack of energy, but from a lack of flexibility and strength.  The point of this session is not to give you great looking abs, it is to give you an incredible level of core strength, a much-needed asset in the long runs.  By the end of the twelve weeks my goal is not only to complete every routine in good form, but  also to keep pace.

Normally Monday would be a rest day.  That is because my Mondays are so long at work I am wiped out by the time I walk in the door.  In this case, tomorrow is Halloween and I am getting out of the office early for the kids.  Since I will be home I plan on doing the P90X version of a rest day, X Stretch.  How can stretching be extreme?  I guess I will find out in the next 24 hours.

Next Run: 5 Miles (Tuesday)
Next Workout:  P90X (Disc 07) (Monday)
Next Race: Burlington Race for the Hungry 5K

  1. Chris Olsen says:

    Chris, I can’t wait to see the before and after in 90 days. As with anything, hard work is going to bring you success. Keep up the good work.

    • Roberts says:

      I am now a week in to the combo program (P90X and Half Marathon Training). One day I pushed too hard, another not enough. The effort should be just right for next week. I just finished up the Stretch X disc. I would recommend it as a nice Rest Day addition to your running schedule. I plan to work on a post for it later tonight. Good luck on your training!

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