The 250 lb barrier

Posted: October 24, 2011 by Roberts in Weigh Ins
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New Weight: 250 lbs
Difference: 0.8 lbs

You have got to be kidding!  I went down less than a pound.  250 seems to be a barrier I can’t just break.  Now, this past week was full of short runs and I didn’t stay on top of my diet.  Gee, do you think that could that be the reason?

Ok, I have 20 miles scheduled for this week. That should break me through the 250 barrier.  I am only 15 from my first major weight milestone.  Once there I can figure out the next goal.

  1. Chris Olsen says:

    Chris, you will get past this barrier. I did. I kept hitting the 185 pound barrier for a couple of weeks. I watched what I ate, ran more and suddenly I was at 180, then 175. You will make this goal. It will happen!

    • Roberts says:

      I have been on a pretty restrictive calorie diet up until now. Last week I didn’t stick to it as much as I should have. And I paid for it with a smack into the wall that is 250 lbs.

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