The First Gear Review: Nike Lunar Glide 2

Posted: October 16, 2011 by Roberts in Gear Review
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""My pair of Nike Lunar Glide 2

My pair of Nike Lunar Glide 2

Weight: 10.7 oz

First, let us get the science on the table.  Instead of me rewriting or retelling the story of these shoes, here is a video of Nike’s Global Footwear Product Director, Phil McCartney discussing the Lunar Glide 2.

Phil McCartney Discussing Nike Lunar Glide 2

The Nike Lunar Glide 2 is a replacement for my pair of Nike Pegasus 27.  After slipping on the shoes, the first thing I noticed was the weight.  They made the Pegasus feel like boots.  The difference is astounding.  Normally with a lighter weight shoe, you sacrifice support and comfort.  Neither is lost.  As an amateur runner, take this in stride.  This is not a story of Cinderella.  Just slipping it on does not make for a happily-ever-after ending.  This is just the beginning.  A road test was in order.

The shoe is part of the Nike Plus system, though not needed to use these shoes.  I have beaten the Lunar Glide 2 for over fifty miles now on both short (less than 5 miles) and long runs (over 10 miles).  They stood up to both.

During the initial stage of both the long and short runs I am amazed by how little of the impact I felt when my foot lands.  I am a heavy runner, and support and reduction of the impact is very important.  Even after the first run, I thought I might be in the honeymoon period with these new shoes.  By the end of the long runs, I no longer notice the weight of the shoes.  With the Pegasus 27s, I could feel their weight with each swing of my legs.

Nike refers to it a Dynamic Support; I refer it as a feel for the road.  Even with a misplaced landing of my foot, the shoe shifted and gripped the road.  There is an important difference between feeling the impact of the road versus the feel of the road.

The Nike Lunar Glide 3 is now hitting the market, and finding the Lunar Glide 2 is a little harder. and other online retailers carry some.  Not all sizes are still available.  I purchased mine during a close out sale directly from Nike.  Since I wear a size 13, I was limited on styles, thus the Lunar Green.  These shoes can now be purchased for below $100.  They are well worth the cost, you just may not have a choice in color.


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