My Sitcom Neighborhood

Posted: October 16, 2011 by Roberts in Running Log
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Distance: 8.1 Miles
Pace: 10’26”

After that terrible run on Thursday, I needed this run.  My hamstring was still sore before my run.  It took a good 30 minutes or so of stretching the poor muscle until it loosened up.  I had goals and targets to make, and a sore leg was not going to get in the way if I had anything to say about it.

The cool evening air felt great.  I could tell this was going to be a good run.  A cool breeze was blowing in from the southwest, just enough to give you a slight chill, but not enough to warrant an outfit change.  Once the satellites found me through the watch, it was time to run.  Every step would get me closer to my goals, I just had to make sure I didn’t over stress the leg again.

Today was a scheduled late night eight mile run.   On a Saturday night, who knows will be walking the streets.  After the first mile and a half, I found them.  Parked on the side of the road was a small Honda.  With the cabin light on, a young couple decided it was private enough.  The young women was straddling a young man whom I can only assume was her boyfriend.  The two were going to town on each other like he was shipping out for war and this might have been the last time to would ever see each other.  Ahh youth….GET A ROOM!!!!  Actually no, don’t get one, you make runs entertaining.

The next couple of miles were filled with a small group of teenagers unwilling to move out of my path and an interesting group of ladies unloading their compact car. Each was loaded up with bags and clothes struggled to maintain control of their belongings. The trio must have returned from one glorious shopping trip. The last to leave, as graceful as a drunken mongoose on the high wire, slipped into a pile of clothes. I seem to live in a Tuesday night sitcom of a neighborhood.

My entire run I felt great with my pace. I knew it was possible to push a little harder and still not be a sprint. A longer run is about consistent pace; I did not want to burn myself out and pull my hamstring again.

I felt great taking each turn, and the ground passing under my feet. This is why I run. Or is it? There are times I question why I’m running. Why not cycling or lifting? I don’t know. I know why I started, just not why I keep putting one foot in front of the other. Life is simpler when you waste away on the couch, absorbing the world through the soft glow of the television. Why run?

What am I running towards? A better me? A sense of success? Control of my life? And more importantly, what am I running from? Each of us has an answer. The more I ask, the more likely I will find mine.

Next Run: 5 Miles
Next Race: TBD


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