Breaking records everyday…or at least my records

Posted: October 8, 2011 by Roberts in Running Log
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Distance:  12.2 Miles
Pace:  10’20”

My Nike watch is dead.  Or rather that is how the day started.  Nike asked me to return it to the store I bought it from and they will exchange it with them.  Their customer service is great.  They even took down the data from my last run that did not sync and said they will add it to the system.  The broken watch is frustrating, but the customer service made up for it.  Great work, Nike!

If that was the only problem I was having, it may have not been an issue.  With the new watch, I needed to adjust it to me and link it to my account.  This requires the internet; the internet that went out the moment I started working on it.  It took another hour of my life to fix the problem, and some time with the unhelpful tech at Comcast.  Their response was simply, “I can get a tech out the next Saturday.”  That is a week from today.  Using my tech savvy, I got the internet back up.  Finally.

After getting the new watch synced up, my next issue was getting all the components working in conjunction.  I forgot to set it up before I got to my starting spot.  After spending a few minutes, I was ready.  Almost.  I had forgotten my hydration belt bottles.  Am I new at this running thing?

Within the first quarter-mile, I dropped one of the hydration bottles and had to jet back and snag it in mid-pace.  The run started badly, but that didn’t mean it had to end that way.

During my run I encountered very few people, considering the distance.  Every person or pair gave a friendly wave or nod.  The only one that didn’t wave was a small dog.  He chased me out of his owner’s yard and down the block.  The small yapping monster could not catch me.

Enjoying a chuckle from my brush with the tiny savage fur-ball, I rounded the corner for my final approach.   At this point the sun had set.  The final mile and half is a straight shot up and down a few hills, and unlit.  The only light I had was the headlights of approaching cars.  For most of my runs this would not be an issue, however on this road there are no sidewalks and woods bordered the road.  There are very few places to run other than the road.  The road, most would call a back road, has very little traffic.  Enough to keep an eye out, but not enough to wonder how you will survive.  Within a mile of the house, a car was heading towards me.  All other cars had moved into the center of the road to avoid me, but this one did not.  As I watched the lights of sports car approach, I swear he drifted closer to the edge.  The was quickly narrowing the space I could run.  I couldn’t move off the road with out smashing face first into a tree.  Though a tree would hurt less than a car.  I hit neither.  I had just enough space.

I pounded out the last mile to finish out great.  At the time I felt the run was terrible, then the stats came up.  Another PR for the 5k and 10k.  I finally got my 5k under 30 minutes.  I am only a minute from my 10k goal.  Now it’s time to set the next goal!


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