Autumn Runs

Posted: October 7, 2011 by Roberts in Running Log
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Distance:  6.2 Miles
Pace:  10’00”

You have to love an autumn run.  I broke two PRs today.  I shaved 31 seconds off my 5k.  And I cut my 10k down by an impressive 2’09”!  (At least impressive to me) The entire run I was worried that my pace was off.  It did not feel as if my legs were pumping as fast as they could or should.  It seems that the cool air kept my engine running right.

Normally during a late evening run I might see one person, but not tonight.  First I passed a young couple walking two dogs.  They were interesting.  Each walked a tiny rodent of a dog.  The expression on the guy’s face was one of distaste. Most likely forced into this walk, he kept at least one stride ahead of his walking partner.  His manhood was slipping away, along the thin pink lease.  After passing them I could not help but chuckle, and I passed them three times as I looped around.

The next pair I passed were negotiating something over the back of motorcycle.  I could hear their voices around the corner.  As I approached in the dark, their voices got softer and softer.  When passing their heads quietly followed my progress, not a word spoken.  They only started to speak again once I turned the corner.

The last pair of walkers I ran by were a couple young teenage boys.  They just continued to grumble about how some girl was not into him, and the other was consoling him.  Ah, teenage woos.

You never know what you will see out on the pavement after 9 PM.


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