Back in the game and a new format

Posted: October 3, 2011 by Roberts in Injuries, Running Log
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Distance: 12.12 Miles
Pace: 10’44”

After this past week of failures, I was given some advice by a friend and fellow runner. He recommended I push my next run back by a day and do some cross training. Swimming was not an option so the elliptical became the solution.

I have not spent any time on this machine for over a year. I pushed for 60 minutes. It was easy and boring. It was nothing like running and that is the point. At the time I wasn’t sure how this was going to help; I just had to wait.

The day of the run, it took time to mentally prepare for the 11 miles ahead of me. I am crazy. I hit the road. The entire run I kept telling myself, “you’re doing good,” or “this is a great pace.” I wasn’t sure if it was on not; it didn’t matter. The road is all that matters.

To avoid what happened my last long run, I wore a water belt and brought energy gels. My plan was to take some and Gatorade every mile and a half. Next time I might bring water and Gatorade to mix it up.

On my final approach to my house I looked down at my watch to see make sure I would be over 11 miles.  If I did my math right, I would be just past 11 miles, and within striking distance of 12.  I decided to run past my house to the corner and back.  If I can do 11, I can do 12.  I miscalculated, and finished at 12.12.  Looking back I should have just pushed for one more mile and finished out my first half marathon.

After signing off my watch, it informed my I had broken three PRs.  I beat my 5k, 10k, and distance records.  I could not believe it.  I thought I was just trying to keep myself moving; it was actually a good pace.  As my four year-old likes to remind me, “No limitations.”

The only injury this time another busted toenail.


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