Terrible Run

Posted: September 30, 2011 by Roberts in Running Log
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Distance: 2.61 & .61 Miles
Pace: 10’58” & 16’58”


Star Wars in Character Podcast – Senator Grenleips

Thoughts of the run:

This run was terrible. That about sums it up. I hit the road and could not get into my groove. I didn’t even make it past 2.5 miles. I had new shoes, and I wanted to break them in the right way. This was not it. My pace was terrible, my stride was terrible, and my mood was terrible. I could hardly run in a straight line. How does that happen? I will chalk it up to a bad day, and rest.

Thoughts during the run:

I was very aware had bad the run was going and could not mentally get out of wondering what was happening. Do I want to keep running? I have come very far, further than I imagine. Yes I do. Do I? Yes. If I can’t do 6, how can I do 11 on Saturday?


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