10 miles becomes 8 & 2.

Posted: September 25, 2011 by Roberts in Injuries, Running Log
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Distance: 8.09 & 2.04
Pace: 11’24” & 15’55”


Star Wars in Character Podcast – Stephen Staton
Star Wars in Character Podcast – IG-88

Thoughts of the run:

The run started off normal.  About half a mile into it I turned into an MS bike race.  I spend the next mile dodging 10 speeds, tandem bikes, and those strange low riders.  After the road tighten up to a back road, I had to move to run with traffic.  The road was so small I almost got clipped by two trucks pulling a low to the ground trailer.

After getting the mile 6.5, I hit the wall.  I was out of juice.  I pushed myself until mile 8 and was proud.  Running another mile and a half on empty was hard.  the last two miles I walked.  Sadly after getting home I realized 11 miles was the goal.  So it turned into a bad run.  And I added to my black toenail collection.

Thoughts during the run:

When I hit the wall, it took everything to keep convincing myself to keep going.  Repeatedly I told myself, “Just make the corner…just make the stop sign.”  Slowly I made my way.  Then the Ipod died.  Moreover, all I was left were my thoughts and my lack of energy.  Once I got to mile 8, I stopped.  I switch over to a 2-mile walk.

Recently I added friends from a long time ago to FB, and was curious as to how they would respond.  They are notorious for their sarcasm and sharp wit.  It would not be positive and full comments such as “running, why would you do that to yourself?”  It seems non-runners ask me that question even in passing as well.  My wife even thinks I am crazy.

Why do I run?  I want to live.  Last year I topped over 300 lbs.  300!  Throughout my life, I have cheated death through luck.  At times, I am amazed I am still here.  There are times if I was two inches to the left or right of eventual death.  Other times if I had been on time, or not traded my shift, death may have found me.  This time I shall win by choosing my fate not depending on luck.  It will run out one day, and I want to make sure I am in a position to survive on my own accord.

If you believe in Lady Luck, Miss Fortune, or Fem Fatale of Fate; the small decisions often are the makings the events that shape our lives.  I have decided to take my life of my control.  I can control my health.  I can control me actions.  I can control my decisions.  Let us hope I make the right ones.

Amazing what you think of when you are left alone with your mind.


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