The short run?

Posted: September 21, 2011 by Roberts in Injuries, Running Log
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Distance: 6.03 Miles
Pace: 10’32”


Sublime Podcast: Freemasonry Across the Globe

Thoughts of the run:

Six miles are now my “short” run.  At one time it was two miles.  And six miles feels easier than the original two.  It amazing how a little focus and a little training improves you over time.  I also got my first black toenail!

Thoughts during the run:

My thoughts focused on the ridiculousness of the podcast.  He makes connections that have no merit.  To make assertions that cave temples in India have a connection to ancient Egyptians simply because they all had separate degrees to in doctrine them to their ways does not make them the same.  And then to hide a hidden order throughout the ages from everyone would be monumental.  In order for such a conspiracy to occur, they level of control would be tremendous.  The only truth I have learned from the podcast is, humans will try to create order where there is none.  People need to make sense of the world around them.


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