10 Miles and no issues

Posted: September 19, 2011 by Roberts in Running Log
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Distance: 10.18 Miles
Pace: 10’38”


The Gr80’s Podcast – Beverly Hills Cop
Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me – NPR Program
Sublime Truth – Facebook Privacy, Occult Allegories, Freemasons
Sublime Truth – Mystery Religions, Interconnected Secret Societies

Thoughts of the run:

It felt great.  The run was a relative consistent pace.  Though worried about completing it, I finished the entire run and did not need to walk the last half mile like last time.  Simply put, it was great.  I beat my 5k by 44″ and my 10k by 1’33”. Not a huge improvement, but an improvement. I want to shave another 79″ off the 5k in the next 5 weeks before I run a half marathon.

Thoughts during the run:

The first set of thoughts was a realization, I run better during comedies.  Wow, the distraction and having to think really pulls you away from the constant pound of foot to pavement.  I need to find a few more to add it to my playlist.  The last is the guy who does the Sublime Truth is in one of two camps.  He either thinks he is pulling a great prank, or believes in the rambling nonsense he is spewing.  At one point he states and I am paraphrasing, “Don’t trust conspiracy writers they may be trying to sell you a book.”  No less than 10 minutes later he asks you to buy his book!  his connections to the truth are based upon words sounding similar and to history over 6000 years old.  English was not spoken that far back.  I will listen to the rest to see where it takes me.

Now that I have had sometime to think I will keep plotting out my new blog.  I am going to keep up with this one to get a feel for layout and control.  Yes this is the test case site.  If you have any tips I will gladly take them.  Now time to keep on moving.


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