A distance run with time to think

Posted: September 11, 2011 by Roberts in Running Log
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Distance: 10.03 miles
Pace:  11’46″” /mi


Gr80’s Podcast – Review of Escape from New York
Gr80’s Podcast – Review of Top Gun

Thoughts of the run:

I was feeling great through the run until the last 0.4 miles.  I hit a wall of exhaustion.  After running up the last hill my legs just decided it was time to walk.  The time for running was at and end.  Other than that it went very well.  I dreaded this run all week, and at last it is over.  I have the same run next week, however this time with more experience.  This was first time my toes bleed.  Is that a good sign?

Thoughts while running:

First I must say I should post these thoughts right after the run.  It not they seem to fade as time passes.  While initially running my thoughts focused on the podcast.  It allowed me to ignore the first two grueling miles I must endure for any run it seems.  Then I found my mind began to wander.

Last night I attended a play name Hope for Chaos in New York.  It was a reflection on September 11 and the relief workers.  I may yet write a full review if time permits.  While at the play my wife and I met another couple who had been near the Pentagon when it was hit on September 11th.  We shared our stories and moved on with the rest of our evening.  That recent memory when combined with seeing the beginning of the memorial service, I could not help but reflect upon my own experience once again.

The most haunting memory of that day was the sound, or rather lack of.  Those that near Washington, DC may not realize the level of air traffic that is in constant motion above its skies.  But on that day, no-one could forget its absence.  When the skies closed over the United States, the sound went with it.  The passing thump of Federal helicopters no longer could be heard.  No airliners sailed across the azure.  And all the Cessnas were grounded.   There was nothing.  It seemed the world itself stood in awe and silence for that terrible moment.  The silence following the horror still troubles me to this day.  Once I realized where my mind was going I could not allow it to continue that path.  This was not the time for such deep reflections, I had a run to complete, and I was only 3 miles along.

I allowed myself to fall back into the podcast and its panel of speakers.  And they were right, Top Gun is a terrible movie.

This next week the runs get longer and more intense.  I welcome the challenge.


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